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Shiyan Hengjin Induction Technology Co.,Ltd
Address:NO.6 Pulin 1st road, Pulin Industry Garden, Shiyan City, Hubei province
Tel:+86-15347275387 +86-719-8114810

Research and Development

Strong Ability of Product Research and Development

Our company has a special product R&D team, and the core R&D engineers have more than 15-year experience in R&D, respectively engaged in mechanical design, electrical automation design, and induction heat treatment process design, etc.. By play their outstanding creativity, they apply 3D design and development software to accelerate the speed of new product development, while further enhance the development level.

All of our engineers' common goal in our development department is to design and produce exquisite, practical, highly automated, energy saving and quality reliable products.

Latest product

  • Wheel bearing full automatic quenching / tempering production line

  • Shaft parts fully automatic induction hardening machine

  • Molding and quenching machine series

  • Constant Velocity Universal Joint Outer Housing Induction Hardening Machine

  • Wheel Hub Automatic Induction Hardening Machine

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